Article 9


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Administrative sanctions Health and safety Poor standards of accommodation Poor working conditions

Article 9 provides that the workplace must meet certain levels of hygiene and safety standards as determined by the Ministry of Labour. Under this Article, workshops that do not meet these requirements may me closed down. However, when such workshops also constitute the worker’s accommodation, this accommodation may not be closed down, and the worker may not be deprived from his or her work, except in the event of infectious diseases.

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Law / Argentina / Law No. 12,713 - Law on Home-based Work

Law No. 12,713 is aimed at protecting the rights of individuals who perform works for third parties from a domicile (i.e., home-based work, or work performed at the domicile or premises of the owner of a workshop, among others). Law No. 12,713 sets out minimum working conditions, enforcement agencies, and penalties and sanctions in case of violations to the law.