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Child labour Forced labour Labour inspection Slavery

Article 1 sets out the composition and purpose of the Special Mobile Inspection Group: a group of labour inspectors dedicated to fighting slave labour, forced labour, and child labour and operating throughout the national territory of Brazil.

Article 2 provides that the work of the Special Mobile Inspection Group may be developed in conjunction with representatives of the Executive Group to Combat Forced Labor (GERTRAF), members of the Federal Public Ministry, the Public Prosecutor’s Office Labor and the Federal Police Department.

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Ordinance / 6 June 2002 / Brazil / Ordinance 265 of 2002

This ordinance established the rules for the deployment of the Special Mobile Labour Inspection Group (GEFM), constituted by labour inspectors, and with the purpose of fighting slavery, forced and child labour.

The GEFM’s mobile inspection teams combine the efforts of specially trained and equipped labour inspectors, labour prosecutors and federal police officers; and constitute the main enforcement bodies in the investigation of complaints and identification of victims of forced and slave labour.