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Focus on Labour Exploitation (FLEX)

FLEX works to end trafficking for labour exploitation worldwide.  Our mission is to promote rights-based responses to human trafficking for labour exploitation centred on prevention through the enforcement of labour standards and facilitating access to justice for trafficked persons.

FLEX aims to ensure that trafficking for labour exploitation responses effectively encompass the full range of labour sectors in which exploitation occurs, and that victim’s voiced needs are represented in law and policy. Through research FLEX seeks to uncover the drivers of exploitation in specific sectors; to identify how social, economic and legal structures create vulnerability; and to understand the needs and experiences of trafficked people. Through guidance and advocacy, FLEX draws attention to the full range of State obligations to prevent exploitation and protect the rights of trafficked people.

To find out more about FLEX, see our website or contact us at [email protected]


The Accountability Hub benefits from the generous and ongoing contributions of pro bono lawyers and experts in the field.

The Labour Exploitation Accountability Database has been developed through high quality and extensive pro bono legal assistance from Herbert Smith Freehills and partners, facilitated by TrustLaw Connect, without which the Hub would not be possible.  We are also grateful for the input from the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights to the country data for Austria.

The Hub has also benefited from the input of expert advisors, including Roger Plant, Erin Klett, Chris Burkett, Nicola Philips, Amol Mehra, Leonardo Sakomoto and Fiona Gooch.

At FLEX, the Hub is managed by Claire Falconer, Legal Director.

Finally, the Hub has drawn on the knowledge and expertise of dozens of lawyers, researchers, advocates, government officials, union officials, and academics around the world.  FLEX is grateful for all of these contributions, and is eager to hear from others – please go to our Contribute page to register your interest.