Section 27



Coercive, unfair or deceptive recruitment Criminal liability Immigration status

This section prohibits the employment of a migrant worker for any category of work other than that which is stipulated in the worker’s permit.


Failure to comply with this section results in a fine not exceeding THB 10,000, and a fine from THB 10,000 to THB 100,000 per worker and if there was no valid work permit (section 54).

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Section 27. No person shall engage an alien to work for him other than the holder of permit and in the work of the category or nature and at the working area or work place as specified in the permit.

Law /Thailand / Alien Working Act BE 2551 (2008)

The Act governs the conditions upon which aliens (defined as “a natural person who is not of Thai nationality” under the Act) can work in Thailand (Chapter I) including the requirement for a work permit and the payment of monies into the Alien Repatriation Fund (the “Fund”) (Chapter II).  It includes restrictions on the work migrant workers may perform, and some duties and liabilities of employers hiring migrant workers. Penalties for violation of the provisions in the Act are contained in Chapter VI, including penalties for hiring migrant workers without permits or to work in categories of work outside their work permit.