Section 53



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Section 53 provides that the penalty for a legal persons (e.g. companies) that commit an offence of trafficking in persons, is a fine of two hundred thousand to one million Baht. The section also provides that where the offence is committed by legal person and is caused by the act, order or ommission of a managing director or other responsible person, that person will also be criminally liable.

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Section 53. Any juristic person commits an offence of trafficking in persons shall be liable to the punishment of a fine from two hundred thousand Baht to one million Baht.

In case where the offender is a juristic person, if the offence of such juristic person is caused by an order or an act of any person, or the omission to issue an order or perform an act which is the obligation of the managing director, or any person who is responsible for carrying out the business of the said juristic person, such person shall be liable to the punishment of imprisonment from six years to twelve years and a fine from one hundred twenty thousand Baht to two hundred forty thousand Baht.

Law /Thailand / Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act BE 2551 (2008)

The Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act criminalises human trafficking, prescribes penalties for individuals and juristic persons who commit human trafficking offences and provides a mechanism for victims to claim compensation and request assistance from Thai authorities.