Articles 195 and 196




Under Article 196, Federal Procurement Office may require public entities to include specific sustainability criteria in their bidding terms and conditions. Article 195 provides that these sustainability criteria must ensure the minimum impact on the environment, the best ethical and economic conditions, as well as compliance with the labour legislation, particularly as it relates to decent and equitable work conditions and the avoidance of child labour.

Law /Argentina / Decree No. 1,023/2001 - Procurement Regime of the Federal Administration

Decree No. 1,023/2001 governs procurement contracts of the Federal Administration, and sets forth the entities and/or persons that are banned from contracting with the Federal Administration. It applies to contracts to which the Central Administration, Decentralized Agency or Social Security Institutions are party. It does not apply to state-owned enterprises, companies with a majority state ownership, mixed companies or self-sufficient entities. Decree No. 1,023/2001 sets the basic standard for state contracts at the federal level.