Article 84


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Article 84 provides that a bid will be rejected without the possibility of remediation, if it was made by natural or legal persons not authorized to contract with the Federal Government under article 28 of Decree No. 1,023 /2001, at the time of opening of tenders or in the evaluation stage or during decision.  Article 28 of Decree No. 1,023 /2001 prohibits employers included in the Public Registry of Employers with Labour Sanctions (REPSAL) from contracting with the Federal Administration, for as long as they remain on the registry.


As of 1 June, 2015, there are over 700 employers registered on the REPSAL list, involving almost 25,000 employees (this last number represents only the registered workers, thus one could assume the actual number is considerably greater). However, as of September 2015, there were no employers listed in the REPSAL registry as a result of a violation of Law No. 26,364 on the Prevention and Sanctioning of Human Trafficking and Assistance to Victims.

Law / Argentina / Decree No. 893/201 - Regulation of the Procurement Regime of the National Administration

Decree No. 893/2012 includes regulations implementing Decree No. 1,023/2001. Among its very extensive provisions, it establishes general criteria promoting compliance with labour laws in public contracts and it also requires potential suppliers to provide affidavits to the effect that they also comply.