Article 3


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Article 3 defines the scope of application of this law, which includes all workers engaged in home-based work for a third party, defined as:

a) work carried out at the workers’ home, or at an establishment of his/her choosing, for a patron, intermediary or workshop manager;

b) work carried out at the home or premises of a workshop manager — understood as a person who produces goods received from a patron or intermediary, using workers engaged by him; and

c) at a charity, educational or correctional establishment.


This law is particularly relevant in the Argentine context, given the heightened vulnerability of home-based workers, and the incidence of human trafficking for labour exploitation in the textile workshop sector in Argentina.

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Law / Argentina / Law No. 12,713 - Law on Home-based Work

Law No. 12,713 is aimed at protecting the rights of individuals who perform works for third parties from a domicile (i.e., home-based work, or work performed at the domicile or premises of the owner of a workshop, among others). Law No. 12,713 sets out minimum working conditions, enforcement agencies, and penalties and sanctions in case of violations to the law.