Article 2


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Health and safety

Article 2 defines the scope of application of Law 24,557. The Law includes within its scope:

a) The officers and employees of the national public sector, provinces and municipalities;

b) Employees under a direct employment relationship in the private sector;

c) People obligated to provide a public service.


This Article foresees the possibility of the Executive Branch including the following sectors in the scope of the law:

a) domestic workers;

b) self-employed workers;

c) employees not bound by labour relations;

d) volunteer firefighters.

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Law / Argentina / Law No. 24,557 - on Occupational Risks -

Law 24,557 is aimed at preventing occupational risks and repairing damage caused by work related accidents and occupational diseases. It also provides for rules concerning the regime on occupational risks insurance. This Law creates the Superintendence of Labour Risks (SLR) (an independent entity within the Ministry of Labour), with the competence to monitor the compliance with rules concerning hygiene and safety in the workplace. Among other capacities the SLR controls labour risks insurance companies and imposes sanctions in case of non-compliance with Law No. 24,557.