Article 14


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Labour inspection

Article 14 provides that the labour inspectorate will have the power to inspect and monitor the functioning of worker cooperatives, to ensure compliance with all labour standards with regards to all workers dependent on the services of the cooperative, as well as any members using the cooperative to circumvent the law. In cases where employers have used the cooperative structure to conceal the nature of an employment relationship, workers will be considered to be the employees of the contractors or subcontractors who have partly or wholly outsourced tasks that are an integral part of the normal production process of the relevant work establishment. Article 14 also prohibits worker cooperatives from acting as gangmasters, temporary work agencies or recruitment agencies of any kind.

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Law / Argentina / Law No. 26,727 –Special Labour Regime for Agricultural Workers

Law No. 26,727 is aimed at protecting the rights of agricultural workers and includes their labour rights and duties. This Law represents a significant improvement in the legal working conditions for agrarian work (8 hour work day, minimum wage, prohibition of intermediaries, leave, sick and paternity leave, among other provisions). Law No. 26,727 applies even if the agricultural workers are employed abroad, but their work is performed within the Argentine territory. Decree No. 301/2013 includes regulations implementing certain provisions Law No. 26,727.