Article 17


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Under Article 17, employers may request, from the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security, a certificate proving that there are no sanctions imposed against the employer as per the Public Registry of Employers with Labour Sanctions (REPSAL).


This certificate could be used by contractors or buyers to ensure that their subcontractors or suppliers are not engaging in abusive labour practices. This certificate effectively operates as a governmental assurance that child labour, and trafficked, forced or enslaved labour have not been found in the employer’s operations.

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Law / Argentina / Law No. 26,940 - Promotion of registered work and occupational fraud prevention

Law 26,940 created the Public Registry of Employers with Labour Sanctions (REPSAL). The registry includes and publishes certain sanctions applied to employers, by the Ministry of Labour, the Tax Authorities, Provincial Authorities, Authorities of the City of Buenos Aires, the National Registry of Workers and Employers of Agro-business, and the Superintendency of Labour Risks. Employers included in the registry are banned from entering into agreements and contracts with the Federal State.