Article 2


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Health and safety Maximum working hours, overtime, weekly rest and leave

Article 2 provides that work shifts taking place between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. may not last more than 7 hours. When the work is to be carried out in unhealthy establishments where the quality of the air, or the emanation of toxic gases or powders may put the workers’ health at risk, the workday may not exceed 6 hours per day or 36 hours per week.


The Director of Hygiene, Safety and Work Risk, a part of the Ministry of Labour, is charged with determining by itself or by request of an interested party and after hearing from technical specialists on the subject, when the 6 hour workday shall apply.


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Law / Argentina / Law No. 11,544 - Workday Law

The Workday Law regulates the amount of hours a worker may work per day/week, the way those hours must be distributed, the rate at which overtime shall be paid, the limit of working hours in conditions which are considered to be unhealthy, the regulation of night work, and the exceptions to said regulations.