Article 140


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Criminal liability Forced labour Slavery

Article 140 criminalises the act of reducing a person to any form of servitude or slavery, as well as receiving or maintaining a person in such conditions. This article also criminalises forced labour or services, as well as servile marriage, and imposes a penalty of imprisonment ranging from 4 to 15 years.

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The Argentine Criminal Code contains specific provisions criminalising servitude, slavery, forced labour and human trafficking. However, the Argentine Criminal Code is not applicable to corporations, and therefore this Code does not provide for criminal liability of corporations for their involvement in human trafficking, forced labour and slavery. However,  while legal persons may not be prosecuted under the Criminal Code, the individual staff, agents or representatives of the corporate body responsible for the commission of a criminal offence may be held liable under the Code. Furthermore, under art. 32 of the Criminal Code, legal persons may be liable for the payment of damages caused as a result of a crime.