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This Article stipulates the basic rights of workers in Spain, including freedom of employment, freedom of association, freedom from discrimination, and respect for their privacy and dignity.

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Art. 4.

1. Workers have the basic right to the following, along with the content and scope provided for by specific regulations for each item:

a) Employment and free choice of occupation and trade.

b) Free association.

c) Collective bargaining.

d) Adoption of measures for labour disputes.

e) Strike.

f) Meetings.

g) Participation in the company.

2. In labour relations, workers have the right:

a) To actual employment.

b) To promotion and occupational training at work.

c) Not to be directly or indirectly discriminated in employment, or, once employed, discriminated by reason of sex, civil status, age within the limits set forth by this Law, racial or ethnic origin, social status, religion or convictions, political ideas, sexual orientation, membership or non-membership in a union, or for reasons of language within the Spanish State. Neither may they be discriminated due to of handicap, provided that they have the aptitude to perform the job or work in question.

d) To their physical integrity and an adequate policy on safety and hygiene.

e) To respect for their privacy and consideration for their dignity, including protection against harassment by reason of racial or ethnic origin, religion or convictions, handicaps, age or sexual orientation, and against sexual and sexist harassment.

f) To the punctual receipt of the compensation agreed on or legally established.

g) To the individual exercise of the actions deriving from their work contract.

h) To any other rights specifically deriving from their work contract.

Law / 23rd October 2013 / Spain / Spanish Workers' Statute

This law briefly regulates both individual and collective labour relations. It is the main instrument for the regulation of labour relations and the protection of workers in Spain. It covers a wide spectrum of topics such as working hours, resting days, minimum wages,  as well as the right to freedom of association, freedom from discrimination and respect for workers’ privacy and dignity.