Article 49



Corporate incentives Economic sanctions Procurement

This article excludes certain individuals or companies from contracting with public bodies. Among others, it excludes from public procurement and contracting all persons or organisations (including companies) who have been convicted of crimes against workers, corruption, conspiracy, fraud, environmental crimes, or barred from exercising a certain profession, trade, industry or commerce through criminal sentence.

The ban from contracting with public authorities also reaches the legal persons (businesses or organisations) whose administrators or representatives have been barred from certain profession or trade due to offences committed on behalf or for the profit of such legal persons.


The exclusion from contracting will also affect any companies or businesses that, due to their ownership, the people managing them, or other reasons, may be presumed to continue with the original enterprise.

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Law /Spain / Law 30/2007 on Public Sector Contracts

The purpose of this law is to regulate public sector contracting, in order to guarantee respect of the principles of free access, publicity and transparency of tender process, and the equal treatment of candidates. This law applies to all contracts, regardless of their legal nature, between organisms and authorities.