Article 6


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Child labour

Under this Article, children under sixteen years of age are prohibited from working. Minors between 16 and 18 years of age are allowed to work, but  employing 16-18 year olds in unhealthy, precarious or dangerous work, as well as during night hours or requiring them to work overtime is prohibited.

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Art. 6.

1. The employment of persons under sixteen years of age is prohibited.

2. Workers less than eighteen years of age may not hold night-time jobs or those activities or work posts that the Government, upon the proposal of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, declares unhealthy, laborious, harmful or dangerous to both health and their occupational and human training, after consultation with the most representative labour organizations.

3. Workers less than eighteen are prohibited from doing overtime. […]

Law / 23rd October 2013 / Spain / Spanish Workers' Statute

This law briefly regulates both individual and collective labour relations. It is the main instrument for the regulation of labour relations and the protection of workers in Spain. It covers a wide spectrum of topics such as working hours, resting days, minimum wages,  as well as the right to freedom of association, freedom from discrimination and respect for workers’ privacy and dignity.