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Forced labour Labour inspection

This Decree created the Executive Group to Combat Forced Labour (GERTRAF). It is the competence of GERTRAF to prepare, implement and supervise an integrated program for the prevention of forced labour; coordinate the activities of agencies responsible for the repression of forced labor, indicating the appropriate measures to be taken; cooperate with the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the prosecutors of the Union and states in order to exact compliance with the relevant legislation; and to propose any normative acts deemed necessary for the prevention and repression of forced labor.


GERTRAF’s main activities are implemented by the Special Mobile Inspection Group, which is the operational arm of GERTRAF. The Special Mobile Inspection Group provides vital support to the Federal Police, analysing and investigating slave labour complaints received by GERTRAF. GERTRAF has achieved positive results through the work of the Special Mobile Inspection Group. However, there are limitations on the effectiveness of its work due to a lack of resources and personnel.

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Regulation /Brazil / Decree No. 1.538 of June 28, 1995

This Decree created the Executive Group to Combat Forced Labour (GERTRAF). The Executive Group is charged with elaborating, coordinating and supervising the programme for the combat of forced labour, in coordination with the ILO and other Ministries and provincial governments.