Articles 14-16


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Coercive, unfair or deceptive recruitment

Articles 14-16 establish the minor, severe and very serious breaches of the labour law in the area of employment and recruitment. Under article 15, publishing a deceptive job advertisement is considered a serious infringement. Under article 16, acting as a recruitment company without having made a declaration and without fulfilling the requirements in Law 56/2003, or demanding the payment of any fees from prospective or placed employees are considered very serious offences against the labour order.

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Law / 4th August 2000 / Spain / Consolidated Text of the Labour Infractions and Sanctions Act

This Act regulates the main labour breaches —administrative offences— that may be commited by employers, and the administrative sanctions associated to such infractions. Both individuals and legal entities can be sanctioned under this law. Infringements of the labour order can be committed both against the employees themselves or against the Social Security system.