Articles 14-29


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Health and safety

Articles 14-29 set out a number of key obligations for employers related to risk prevention, including worker training to prevent risks. Article 14 provides workers’ right to an effective protection against occupational hazards, including health risks. This article further establishes that this right constititues a related obligation on the part of employers to prevent and protect workers against work-related risks.


Article 28 specifies that temporary and agency workers have the same rights and are entitled to the same level of protection as workers directly employed by the principal employer. This article clarifies that the existence of a working relationship of a temporary nature or the employment through an agency of third party, will never serve to justify any differences in treatment, working conditions, or health and safety protection.

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Law / 10th November 1995 / Spain / Ocuppational Health and Safety Law

This Act determines the basic body of guarantees and responsibilities regarding the occupational protection of workers’ health and safety. From the recognition of the workers’ rights in the workplace to the protection of their health and integrity, this Act establishes the various duties that guarantee workers’ rights to health and safery at the workplace, as well as requiring Public Administrations to implement policies and act in a manner conducive to attaining the Act’s objective of ensuring the effective enforcement of such rights.