Articles 2 – 10



Poor standards of accommodation

Articles 2 to 10 set out a number of requirements for the provision of adequate accommodation of employees. These include: size requirements of rooms; the provision that every room may lodge a maximum of 4 workers for permanent accommodation, or 8 workers for temporary accommodation; sufficient ventilation requirements, basic furniture requirements; minimum kitchen appliances / urnishing; the requirement to have a lavatory pero each 8 workers, etc.


Art. 13 provides the penalty for infringement of this provision, and empowers the Minister of Civil Service and Housing Affairs to suspend the employer’s dossier at the Ministry —  which presumably means putting their transactions with the government entity on hold.

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Decree / 25 September 2005 /Qatar / Resolution No. 17/2005 of the Minister of Civil Service Affairs and Housing on the Conditions and Description of Appropriate Housing for Employees

This decree sets out the minimum housing conditions that must be provided to workers by employers, including conditions regarding size, condition, area, quality, basic furniture provided and rent.