Articles 39-41


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Administrative sanctions Economic sanctions Health and safety Maximum working hours, overtime, weekly rest and leave Poor working conditions Social protection Wage manipulation, non-payment or withholding of wages

These Articles set out the different penalties to be imposed upon those who commit the infractions defined in this law. Specifically, these article deal with: the criteria to determine the severity of the breach and corresponding penalty; the different types of penalties; fine amounts and penalties for repeat offenses.

Under article 40, minor breaches are penalised with a fine of between 60 and 625 euros; serious breaches carry a fine of between 626 and 6,250 euros; and the very serious breaches with a fine between 6,251 and 187,515 euros.

Breaches related to health and safety are to be punished with between 40 and 2,045 euros for minor breaches; 2,046 to 40,985 for serious breaches and 40,986 yo 819,780 euros for very serious breaches.

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Law / 4th August 2000 / Spain / Consolidated Text of the Labour Infractions and Sanctions Act

This Act regulates the main labour breaches —administrative offences— that may be commited by employers, and the administrative sanctions associated to such infractions. Both individuals and legal entities can be sanctioned under this law. Infringements of the labour order can be committed both against the employees themselves or against the Social Security system.