Chapter 1, paragraph 4.1, b, 2°


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The circular provides that federal contracting authorities must consider the inclusion of a number of social considerations in their procurement processes, including the requirement that contractors respect the core ILO conventions.


Paragraph 4 refers to Annex 2, which lists the basic ILO conventions as included in the Act of 27 February 2002 concerning the encouragement of socially responsible production. The Annex refers in particular to:

  • the prohibition on forced labour (Convention No. 29 concerning forced labour, 1930, and Convention No. 105 concerning the abolition of forced labour, 1975);
  • the prohibition on discrimination in respect of employment and remuneration (Convention No. 100 on equal remuneration, 1951, and Convention No. 111 on discrimination (Employment and Occupation), 1958);
  • the minimum age for child labour ( Convention No. 138 concerning the minimum age, 1973) and the prohibition of the worst forms of child labour Convention No. 182 on the worst forms of child labour, 1999).

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The federal contracting authorities must verify whether it is relevant to include social considerations such as: […]

Respect of the conventions of the International Labour Organisation and human rights as included in Annex 2, with regard to the access right (grounds of exclusion) and the contract performance conditions.

Policy / 16 May 2014 / Belgium / Circular of 16 May 2014