Clause 6



Employment contracts

This provision requires sea fishery employers to provide their employees with a written contract in a prescribed format.

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Clause 6

An employer shall prepare a written employment contract in duplicate and provide one copy of such contract to an employee to be inspected by a labour inspector.

The employment contract under paragraph 1 shall be in accordance with a form prescribed by the Director-General of the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare.

An employer shall bring an employee to present himself before a labour inspector once a year after the date the contract in paragraph 1 is made.


Regulation /Thailand / Ministerial Regulation Concerning Labour Protection in Sea Fishery Work B.E. 2557

This Regulations updates a previous 1998 Regulation No. 10 on Sea Fishery Work, and is a response to increasing attention to the conditions of work in Thailand’s fishing industry.  The Regulation applies to any work or activities relating to sea fishing on fishing boats or other types of boats.  It strengthens some protections for fishing workers, including providing for minimum hours of rest and standards of living, and the provision of written contracts to employees.