Clause 8



Wage manipulation, non-payment or withholding of wages

This provision requires employers to keep a wage record documenting the details of each employee and the rate of pay. When employees are paid their wage or holiday pay, this must be evidenced in the wage record and signed by the employee.

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Clause 8

In addition to a provision prescribed in Clause 7, an employer shall create a document regarding payment of wage and holiday pay in Thai and keep such document at a workplace.  The document thereof shall contain at least the following particulars:

1) Name and surname of each employee

2) position and duty in sea fishery work

3) rate and amount of wage, holiday pay that an employer has agreed to pay to each employee.

When wage or holiday pay is paid to an employee, an employer shall prepare a document under paragraph 1 to be signed by the employee as evidence.

Whereas an employer pays wage or holiday pay to an employee by transferring money to a commercial bank or a financial institution’s deposit account, an evidence of such money transfer shall be deemed to be the document regarding payment mentioned above.

An employer shall retain the document under paragraph 1 for at least 2 years from the date of payment.

Regulation /Thailand / Ministerial Regulation Concerning Labour Protection in Sea Fishery Work B.E. 2557

This Regulations updates a previous 1998 Regulation No. 10 on Sea Fishery Work, and is a response to increasing attention to the conditions of work in Thailand’s fishing industry.  The Regulation applies to any work or activities relating to sea fishing on fishing boats or other types of boats.  It strengthens some protections for fishing workers, including providing for minimum hours of rest and standards of living, and the provision of written contracts to employees.