Article 322



Criminal liability Minimum wage Wage manipulation, non-payment or withholding of wages

Article 322 criminalises forcing a person to work with or without a salary.

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Article 322. Whoever forces somebody to work with or without salary shall be liable to an imprisonment term of up to six months and a fine not exceeding three thousand Qatari Riyals (QR 3.000), or one of these two penalties.

If the victim is under sixteen years old, the applicable penalty shall be up to six years’ imprisonment and/or a fine not exceeding ten thousand Qatari Riyals (10.000QR).

Law / 10 May 2004 /Qatar / Law No. 11 of 2004 (Criminal Code)

The Penal Code sets out a number of provisions making it a criminal offence to abduct, detain or deprive any person of their freedom, to deal in slaves or to force a person to work. It also criminalizes a number of practices that tend to be connected to human trafficking, such as money laundering or fraud.