Article 20


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Administrative sanctions Coercive, unfair or deceptive recruitment Economic sanctions

Article 20 sets out the applicable penalties for failing to comply with the terms of the Decree. This article provides for the liability of individual or corporate / legal persons, which operated or attempted to operate as authorized temporary work agencies, or claimed to be or advertised as temporary work agencies, without the necessary license, as well as the liability of any co-authors, accomplices or accessories to this violation of the law. Such individuals or organisations will be pensalised with the closure of their offices and seizure of all existing documentation, and a fine. Article 20 also provides other penalties for temporary work agencies that fail to comply in due time and form, with their obligations under this decree, including fines, the cancellation of the license, and closure.


This Article specifically prohibits temporary work agencies from charging any fees to workers for their inscription in the agency or for their recruitment. Agencies that contravene this prohibition will lose their administrative license and their inscription in the Official Registry will be cancelled.

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Law / Argentina / Decree 1,694/2006 – Temporary Services Employment Agencies Reg

The Decree regulates agencies that exist for the exclusive purpose of supplying specialized personnel to fulfil temporary roles in other companies, establishing safeguards and social security regulations to avoid labour fraud. The Decree establishes limits and exceptions to the situations in which these agencies may provide personnel to other companies and the amount of time they may have personnel out of work per calendar year.