Decree No. 6.347 of January 8, 2008, Attachment I



Human trafficking Social protection

Attachment I establishes 11 priorities and strategies to the NPCTP to prevent trafficking in persons. These priorities and strategies established in Decree 6,347 include the following:

  • Research, obtain, organize, and publish studies, research findings, and other information on trafficking in persons.
  • Training stakeholders involved directly or indirectly in tackling trafficking in persons from a human rights perspective.
  • Articulate, structure and consolidate the existing services and networks for addressing trafficking in persons, in order to consolidate a national referral system and to provide assistance to trafficking victims.
  • Promote cooperation between federal, state and local agencies involved in tackling trafficking in persons.
  • Promote international cooperation in combating trafficking in persons.

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Policy /Brazil / First National Plan to Combat Trafficking in Persons

Decree No. 6.347 of January 8, 2008  approved the First National Plan to Combat Trafficking in Persons (NPCTP) and created the Advisory Group for the Assessment and Dissemination of the Plan.