Guide for Sustainable Procurement



Corporate incentives Procurement

The Guide includes social criteria related to workers’ rights and working conditions, such as criteria requiring the bidder to respect the core ILO conventions in the provision of services or the production of goods.


Policies encouraging socially responsible procurement are key to ensure that Governments are not complicit in the purchase of goods made and services provided through the exploitation of workers.

This digital guide is constantly updated. Currently, the guide provides detailed information regarding more than 80 products and services. For each product/service the guide contains a file containing a number of specific criteria for sustainable procurement which can be included in the tender. Depending on the needs of the contracting authority, it can choose to include (all or some) of these criteria.

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Policy / 16 May 2014 /Belgium / Guide for Sustainable Procurement

The Guide for Sustainable Procurement is a digital guide developed by the public service for sustainable development. The Guide provides an overview of the existing policies and legislation concerning sustainable public procurement. It aims to encourage the public authorities to include social and ecological considerations in the procurement procedures for work, goods and services. The guide also contains information and advice regarding certification labels and different criteria (award criteria, technical specification, selection criteria, conditions for performance of contracts).