Article 116



Abuse of vulnerability Poor working conditions Social protection

Workers may form a “Workers Committee” for the protection of their rights and interests in the place of work. However, only Qatari workers can be members of the “Worker Committee”, which can only be formed at establishments with over 100 Qatari workers.

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Article 116. The workers working in an establishment where the number of Qatari workers is not less than hundred workers may form a committee from amongst themselves to be named “the Workers Committee” and more than one committee in the establishment may not be formed.

The workers committees in the establishments engaged in one trade or industry or similar or interrelated trades or industries are entitled to form a general committee from amongst themselves to be named the General Committee for the Workers of Trade or Industry.

The general committees of the workers of the various trades and industries may form amongst themselves a general union to be named the “General Union of the Workers of Qatar”.

The membership in the two committees referred to and in the General Union of the Workers of Qatar shall be confined to the Qatari workers. The Minister shall specify the conditions and procedures for the formation of the workers organizations referred to and the membership therein and the way of carrying out their business and the interrelated and similar trades and industries.

Law /Qatar / Labour Law No. 14 of 2004

Qatar Labour Law 2004 governs the terms of employment of the majority of workers working in Qatar. The Labour Law sets out the minimum entitlements of workers employed in Qatar, and as such, it contains a number of important protections for workers, prohibits child labour, prohibits recruiting foreign workers by or through unlicensed recruiters or agencies,bans recruitment agencies from charging recruitment fees, and provides for mechanisms to enforce its provisions.

Any stipulations contrary to the provisions of the Labour Law are void unless more advantageous to the employee.