Article 90


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Child labour Maximum working hours, overtime, weekly rest and leave

Article 90 determines the maximum working hours for juvenile workers (workers over the age of 16 but under 18 years old).


Under Article 145 of the Labour Law, violations of this provision are punished with up to one month’s imprisonment and a fine of between 2,000 and 6,000 Qatari Riyals, or with any of these two punishments.


Article 90. The normal working hours for the Juvenile may not exceed thirty six hours per week at the rate of six hours per day with the exception of the month of Ramadan when the working hours shall not exceed twenty four hours per week at the rate of four hours per day.

The time which the Juvenile spends in transporting between his residence and place of work shall not be calculated in the working hours.

The working hours shall include one or more intervals for rest or taking meals so that the Juvenile may not work continuously for more than three consecutive hours. Such interval or intervals shall not be calculated as part of the working hours.

Law / Qatar / Labour Law No. 14 of 2004

Qatar Labour Law 2004 governs the terms of employment of the majority of workers working in Qatar. The Labour Law sets out the minimum entitlements of workers employed in Qatar, and as such, it contains a number of important protections for workers, prohibits child labour, prohibits recruiting foreign workers by or through unlicensed recruiters or agencies,bans recruitment agencies from charging recruitment fees, and provides for mechanisms to enforce its provisions.

Any stipulations contrary to the provisions of the Labour Law are void unless more advantageous to the employee.