Articles 73 and 74



Maximum working hours, overtime, weekly rest and leave

Articles 73 and 74 provide that the maximum ordinary working hours a worker can be required to work are 48 hours a week at the rate of 8 hours a day (except, during Ramadan, 36 hours a week at the rate of 6 hours a day), or 60 hours a week at the rate of 10 hours a day if overtime is paid.


Under Article 144, whoever violates these provisions shall be liable to pay a fine of between 2,000 and 5,000 Qatari Riyals. However, there are persistent allegations that limits on working hours are not adhered to, particularly within the construction sector.

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Article 73. The maximum ordinary working hours shall be forty four hours per week at the rate of eight hours per day with the exception of the month of Ramadan when the maximum working hours shall be thirty six hours per month at the rate of six hours per day.

The time spent by the worker in transportation to and from the place of work and residence of the worker shall not form part of the working hours. The working hours shall include an interval or more for prayer, rest and taking of meals which interval or intervals shall not be less than one hour and shall not be more than three hours. The said intervals shall not be taken into consideration in calculating the working hours in fixing the rest interval but the worker shall not work for more than five consecutive hours.

The Minister shall by a decision specify the types of work in respect of which the work may continue without stoppage for the purpose of rest.

Article 74. The workers may be required to work additional hours to the working hours specified in the preceding article provided that the actual working hours per day shall not exceed ten hours unless the work is necessary for the prevention of gross loss or dangerous accident or for the repair or alleviation of the consequences of the said loss or accident.

The employer shall pay to the worker for the additional working hours the rate of not less than the basic wage plus not less than 25% thereof.

The workers who work between 9pm and 6am shall be paid the basic wage plus not less than 50% thereof with the exception of the shift workers.

Law /Qatar / Labour Law No. 14 of 2004

Qatar Labour Law 2004 governs the terms of employment of the majority of workers working in Qatar. The Labour Law sets out the minimum entitlements of workers employed in Qatar, and as such, it contains a number of important protections for workers, prohibits child labour, prohibits recruiting foreign workers by or through unlicensed recruiters or agencies,bans recruitment agencies from charging recruitment fees, and provides for mechanisms to enforce its provisions.

Any stipulations contrary to the provisions of the Labour Law are void unless more advantageous to the employee.