Section 11.1



Employment contracts Group or joint liability

This important provision clarifies that where a worker is recruited through an individual recruiter, the employer of a worker is the business or “entrepeneur” that uses the worker in their business operation, and that the employer must provide employment contracts to those workers.

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Section 11.1. Where an entrepreneur has entrusted any individual to recruit persons to work, which is not a business of employment services, and such work is any part of manufacturing process or business operation under the entrepreneur’s responsibility, and regardless of whether such person is the supervisor or takes the responsibility for paying wages to the persons who perform work, the entrepreneur shall be deemed as an Employer of such workers.

The entrepreneur shall provide contract employees, who perform work in the same manner as employees under the employment contract, to enjoy fair benefts and welfare without discrimination.

Law /Thailand / Labour Protection Act B.E. 2541 (1998)

The Labour Protection Act B.E. 2541 (1998) is the principal labour law statute in Thailand.

The Act sets out the duties and obligations of employers and the rights and responsibilities of the employees.

Under section 158, corporations may be held criminally liable for the acts or omissions of a Managing Director of any other person responsible for carrying out the business of the corporate body.