Article 4


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Compensation Criminal liability Proceeds of crime

This Article provides that the competent judge or the prosecutors may order any measures necessary to retain the assets of the investigated or accused persons, that are product or result of a crime. These measures may be also ordered to guarantee the payment of any damages to the victim arising from the commission of the crime.

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Article 4. The judge, ex officio, at the request of the prosecutor or on behalf of the police commissioner, after hearing the Public Prosecutor in 24 (twenty four) hours, if appears that exists sufficient evidence of criminal offense, may order measures freezing goods, rights or values of the individual under investigation […]

Law / 3 March 1998 / Brazil / Law No. 9.613

Law No. 9.613 addresses the crimes of money laundering or concealment of assets, rights, and valuables; the measures designed to prevent the misuse of the financial system for illicit conducts; and creates the Council for Financial Activities Control (COAF).

Law No. 9.613 was amended by Law No. 12.683 of July 9th, 2012, which altered the regulation to facilitate the prosecution of money laundering crimes.