Article 318



Criminal liability

Article 318 criminalises depriving another of his or her freedom, as well as kidnapping, or unlawfully arresting or detaining someone.

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Article 318. Whoever unlawfully, kidnaps or abducts, or holds, detains, or deprives any person of their freedom shall be punished with imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years. Punishment with imprisonment for a term not exceeding fifteen years shall apply in the following cases:

1- If the offender unlawfully wears an official uniform, holds a public employee’s badge, impersonates, or shows a fake order of arrest, and claims it to be issued by competent authorities.

2- If the act was committed by fraud  or use of or threat of death, or through physical or psychological torture.

3- If the act was committed by two or more than two people or by an armed person.

4- If the period of abduction, arrest, detention or deprivation of liberty exceeds fifteen days.

5- If the purpose of the act is a ransom, to assault, hurt, or oblige the victim to commit adultery or a crime.

6- If the crime is committed on a public employee during or due to their duties.

7- If the victim is a woman, a minor, a person of diminished capacity.

Capital punishment or life imprisonment shall be imposed if the crime leads to the death of the victim.

Law / 10 May 2004 /Qatar / Law No. 11 of 2004 (Criminal Code)

The Penal Code sets out a number of provisions making it a criminal offence to abduct, detain or deprive any person of their freedom, to deal in slaves or to force a person to work. It also criminalizes a number of practices that tend to be connected to human trafficking, such as money laundering or fraud.