National Action Plan against Trafficking in Human Beings



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The National Action Plan requires the implementation of further measures of awareness raising, in particular concerning the monitoring of work places.

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National Action Plan, measure II.16: Durchführung von Sensibilisierungsmaßnahmen (zB. Schulungen) zum Thema Menschenhandel zum Zweck der Arbeitsausbeutung, insbesondere im Bereich der Kontrolle und Prüfung von Arbeitsstätten und Arbeitsverhältnissen

Policy / 2005 /Austria / National Action Plan Against Trafficking in Human Beings

In order to coordinate anti-trafficking measures in Austria, the Task Force on Combating Human Trafficking was set up in November 2004 by a decision of the Austrian government. The Task Force develops the National Action Plans on Combating Human Trafficking and monitors its implementation. Currently, the Task Force implements the fourth National Action Plan (2015-2017, adopted on 21 April 2015). The National Actions Plans reflect a comprehensive approach to combating human trafficking and include measures for national coordination, prevention, protection of victims, prosecution and international cooperation. Additionally, a specific working group on labor exploitation has been established, chaired by the Federal Ministry for Labor, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection.