Section 345b


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This section allows the AITF to confiscate goods made, or equipment used to make goods, in breach of wage requirements.


§ 345(b)  Confiscation of goods.

  1. The commissioner may, in addition   to seeking civil, administrative or criminal penalties pursuant to  this   article,  order  the  special  task force to confiscate any partially or   completely assembled articles of apparel and any equipment used  in  the   assembly of apparel from any manufacturer or contractor who is violating   any  provision  of this article and who has previously been found liable   for  a  civil  or  administrative  penalty  for  two  or  more  separate   violations  of  the  provisions  of  this article during the immediately   preceding three-year period. Such order of  confiscation  shall  require   that  such  articles  of  apparel  and  equipment  shall  be held in the   premises at which such confiscation occurs and that  such  articles  and   equipment shall be secured by any means, including the use of a padlock,   to  render  such articles and equipment inaccessible; provided, however,   that the commissioner shall not secure any dwelling unit or other  space   lawfully used for residential purposes.

Law / United States / New York Labour Law

The New York Labour Law, which provides the core labour legislation for New York State, also includes in Article 12-A special regulatory measures for the apparel industry in response to the problem of sweatshops in New York.  The law requires apparel manufacturers to be registered and establishes the Apparel Industry Task Force (AITF) with powers to inspect records and premises of garment industry manufacturers and contractors in New York State.