Article 8



Criminal liability Labour inspection

Article 8 provides that the coordinators of the Special Mobile Inspection Group will forward to the Labour Inspection Secretary a detailed report, together with copies of tax assessments and issued debt notices, photographs, movies and other documents resulting from the action, within seven working days from the completion of actions.

In the event of presence of evidence of a crime, the Labour Inspection Secretary will send copy of the report to the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, to the Ministry of Labour, the Federal Police, the Regional Labour Office and the National Institute of Colonization and Agrarian Reform (INCRA).

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Ordinance / 6 June 2002 /Brazil / Ordinance 265 of 2002

This ordinance established the rules for the deployment of the Special Mobile Labour Inspection Group (GEFM), constituted by labour inspectors, and with the purpose of fighting slavery, forced and child labour.

The GEFM’s mobile inspection teams combine the efforts of specially trained and equipped labour inspectors, labour prosecutors and federal police officers; and constitute the main enforcement bodies in the investigation of complaints and identification of victims of forced and slave labour.