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This part of the strategy is dedicated to working with the private sector to improve private sector awareness of and resilience to modern slavery. The strategy provides that the Gangmasters Licensing Authority and HMRC, working in collaboration with trade associations and industry bodies, will continue to provide guidance and support to stakeholders involved in the supply and use of labour in the UK. In this section, the government commits to ensuring that businesses investigate and report on modern slavery, and to help them eradicate it from their supply chains.

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Law /United Kingdom / Modern Slavery Strategy 2014

The Modern Slavery Strategy sets out the UK Government’s approach to addressing ‘modern slavery’ including human trafficking, forced labour and slavery. The Strategy details the actions to be taken by Government departments, agencies and partners, and has four components: prosecuting and disrupting individuals and groups responsible for modern slavery (Pursue); preventing people from engaging in modern slavery crime (Prevent); strengthening safeguards against modern slavery by protecting vulnerable people from exploitation and increasing awareness and resilience against this crime (Protect); and reducing the harm caused by modern slavery through improved victim identification and enhanced support and protection (Prepare).