Paragraph 7



Coercive, unfair or deceptive recruitment

This paragraph outlines the objective of the Nepali government to provide skill-based training to Nepalese citizens in order to create an organised and competitive environment for foreign employment.

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Paragraph 7. Objective:

To provide knowledge and skill based training to Nepalese human resources to develop skilled, empowered and competitive as per demand of international market creating safe, organized and respectable environment for foreign employment.

Policy /Nepal / Foreign Employment Policy, 2012

This policy acknowledges foreign employment as one of the key sectors contributing to the national economy of Nepal, while also recognising that the increasing trend of foreign employment raises issues of fraud, trafficking, and work insecurity. As such, this mechanism endeavors to fix these potential negative impacts of foreign employment by requiring maximum corporate responsibility from businesses involved in foreign employment, as well as disseminating information among workers regarding their rights.