Provision 1



Abuse of vulnerability Procurement Reporting

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Provision 1 states that all Employment Services should commit to working with their clients, employees, sub-contractors, and other providers to deliver quality employment services by:

(a) Ensuring staff have the skills and experience they need to provide quality and culturally sensitive services to job seekers employers and local communities
(b) Working in collaborative partnerships with stakeholders and communities to identify needs and how they can be met
(c) Behaving ethically and acting with honesty, due care and diligence
(d) Being open and accountable
(e) Avoiding any practice or activity which a provider could reasonably foresee could bring employment services into disrepute
(f) Sensitively managing any information collected

Law / 25th February 2010 /Australia / Employment Services Code of Practice (cth)

This Code of Practice sets out the principles and standards that underpin the delivery of employment services and other services to increase employment outcomes and participation in economic activities in Australia especially for disadvantaged client groups