Rule 13



Debt bondage Social protection

This rule lists creates the position of the Welfare Officer and sets out the Officer’s duties towards freed bonded labourers. These include coordinating income generating programs, conducting training programs for various areas of employment and encouraging free bonded labourers to unite and cooperate.

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Rule 13. Duty, Responsibility, and Authority of the Welfare Officer: In addition to the duty, responsibility and authority mentioned elsewhere in the Act, and these Rules, the Welfare Officer shall have other duty, responsibility and authority as follow:

(a) To conduct income generating programmes through contact and coordination with different governmental and non-governmental organizations and institutions for the freed bonded labours.

(b) To prepare an up-to-date roster of freed bonded labours that have received income generating training, and submit in the Ministry fifteen days before the end of every fiscal year.

(c) To conduct training programmes approved by the Government of Nepal for income generation, business and employment promotion for the freed bonded labours.

(d) To follow up whether the freed bonded labours who received loans from the Fund have been carrying out businesses as per the agreement.

(e) To recover loans provided to the freed bonded labours.

(f) To encourage and assist the freed bonded labours to be united and mobilized as per the spirit of cooperatives.

(g) To collect information about employment and inform the freed bonded labours through proper media.

Nepal / 12th December 2011 /Nepal / Bonded labour (Prohibition) Rules, 2010

This mechanism was enacted by the Government of Nepal, making use of the powers conferred upon it by Section 23 of the Bonded Labour Act. These rules provide details for the effective implementation of the Bonded Labour Act, including provisions regarding the classification of bonded labourers, issuance of identity cards, access to land and other socioeconomic measures to be taken to ensure the self-sustainability of bonded labourers, and further elaborate on the role of Committee and Welfare Officers.