Rules 38-44



Health and safety Poor working conditions

This Chapter provides for the health and safety of employees at the workplace. It requires businesses to prevent fire hazards, regulates the amount of weight workers may carry, and also demands an investigation if a worker contracts a disease that could be related to his/her work, or the death of a worker.

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Chapter 4, Provisions relating to Health, Cleanliness and Safety

Section 38. Provision for safety against fire:

The Proprietor shall have to arrange the following measures in the Enterprise for protection from the fire.

(a) Fire extinguishing devices shall have to be placed in the proper place, as required, for the protection from fire.

(b) The hitch pipe, in addition to the Hydrant point shall have to be arranged in a way of reaching sufficient pressurized water in the factory, as required.

(c) Arrangements for emergency exit shall be made for moving in a situation of fire and no objects shall be placed in a way of obstructing that exit.

(d) The fire alarm or any sound signaling device shall have to be arranged for making alert to everybody in case of fire.

(e) The devices to be used in fire extinguishing shall have to be inspected and tested at least once in a year and the record has to be maintained thereof.

(f) Enterprise using explosives like gun powder nitroglycerine, dynamite, gun cotton, blasting powder, mercury or other metal faulted, fog signal fuse, receipt, percussion cap, detonator, cartridge or such other explosives specified by Government of Nepal by a Notification published in the Nepal Gazette, shall have to be stored safely far from dense population and the skilled persons having special knowledge shall have to be deployed while moving and using such objects.


Rules /Nepal / Labour Rules, 1993

This mechanism was enacted in exercise of the powers conferred upon the Government by Section 86 of the Labour Act, 1992 and with the purpose of implementing the objectives of the Act.  The Rules include provisions regarding the regulations the composition and process for establishing  labour committees, as well as provisions regarding the security of workers, remuneration, welfare and health and safety.