Rules 45-55


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This Chapter regulates the composition of various labour-related committees as well as their authority, functions and duties. The duties of the Central Labour Advisory Committee include to offer advice to the Government of Nepal in matters relating to labour policy and law, industrial development, and work as a liason between the Government of Nepal, proprietor, and workers/employees. The Labour Relation Committee performs functions related to the Welfare Fund, the accommodation of workers, and ‘quality maintenance’ of Nepali Enterprises.


The establishment of worker committees serves to implement the objectives of the Labour Act, and acts as a collective tool to prevent injustices and bring violations to the attention of the law.

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Rules / Nepal / Labour Rules, 1993

This mechanism was enacted in exercise of the powers conferred upon the Government by Section 86 of the Labour Act, 1992 and with the purpose of implementing the objectives of the Act.  The Rules include provisions regarding the regulations the composition and process for establishing  labour committees, as well as provisions regarding the security of workers, remuneration, welfare and health and safety.