Section 10



Coercive, unfair or deceptive recruitment

Section 10 provides that no person shall be considered competent to obtain a licence if, among other things, the person has been previously convicted of human trafficking.

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Section 10. Eligibility for licence.

(1) No person shall be considered competent to obtain a licence, if the person:
(a) is not a citizen of Bangladesh;
(b) has not attained adulthood as per the law;
(c) is not a person of sound mind;
(d) is declared by a competent court to be an insolvent and discharge from insolvency has not been established;
(e) has been convicted of human trafficking, money laundering, international terrorism or any other serious crime; and
(f) has been convicted of a criminal offence involving moral turpitude and a period of two years has not elapsed since the completion of the punishment.

Law /Bangladesh / Overseas Employment and Migrants Act, 2013

The Overseas Employment and Migrants’ Act, 2013 (or “Migrants’ Act 2013”) is the first law on migration and overseas employment passed by the Parliament of Bangladesh. This law replaces the Emigration Ordinance, issued by the president in 1982. It has a dedicated chapter on regulation of recruitment.