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Group or joint liability Minimum wage Wage manipulation, non-payment or withholding of wages

Section 121 holds every employer -that is including contractors and indirect employers- liable for the payment of the wages of workers. It further establishes that with the exception of workers employed by contractors, the Chief Executive Officer, manager, or supervisor of the establishment will also be liable for the payment of wages. The provision specifies that when the wages of a worker employed by a contractor are not paid by the contractor, the employer must pay the employee such wages and recover them from the contractor.

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Section 121. Responsibility for payment of wages: Every employer shall be responsible for the payment to workers employed by him of all wages required to be paid under this act:
Provided that, except in the case of a worker employed by a contractor, the chief executive officer, the manager or any other person responsible to the employer for the supervision and control of an establishment shall also be responsible for such payment.
Provided further that when the wages of a worker employed by the contractor is not paid by the contractor, the wages shall be paid by the employer of the establishment and the same shall be adjusted from the contractor.

Law / 11 October 2006 / Bangladesh / Labour Act 2006

The Bangladesh Labour Act of 2006 combined and amended a number of laws relating to the employment of workers, minimum wages, compensation for work-related injuries, the formation of trade unions, health and safety, the welfare and working environment of employees, and other related issues. The Act also provides for compensation to workers for injuries sustained in the workplace. The Act applies to both permanent workers and workers employed through a contractor. Under the Act, a contractor who employs workers is treated as an employer and is liable for any violations of the provisions of the law.