Section 149


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Criminal liability Minimum wage

Section 149 prohibits employers from paying wages below the established minimum wages.


At present, the Government has only determined/fixed the minimum wage for the garment sector. Under section 289, the penalty for paying workers at rates below the minimum wage is imprisonment for up to 1 year, or a fine of up to 5,000 taka, or both.

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Section 149. Prohibition to pay wages at a rate below the minimum rate of wages:
(1) No employer shall pay any worker wages at a rate lower than the rate declared or published under this Chapter to be the minimum rate of wages for such worker.
(2) Nothing in sub-section (1) shall be deemed to affect, in any way, the right of a worker to continue to receive wages at a rate higher than the minimum rate declared under this chapter, if, under any agreement or award or otherwise, he is entitled to receive wages at such higher rate, or to continue to enjoy such amenities and other advantages as are customary for such worker to enjoy.

Law / 11 October 2006 / Bangladesh / Labour Act 2006

The Bangladesh Labour Act of 2006 combined and amended a number of laws relating to the employment of workers, minimum wages, compensation for work-related injuries, the formation of trade unions, health and safety, the welfare and working environment of employees, and other related issues. The Act also provides for compensation to workers for injuries sustained in the workplace. The Act applies to both permanent workers and workers employed through a contractor. Under the Act, a contractor who employs workers is treated as an employer and is liable for any violations of the provisions of the law.