Section 25


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Debt bondage Wage manipulation, non-payment or withholding of wages

Section 25 prohibits excessive deductions from workers’ wages. Under this provision, no fine exceeding 1/10 of the wage may be imposed in any one wage-period on any worker, and no fine shall be imposed on workers under the age of 15. Furthermore, employers must keep a record of all fines imposed on workers.

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Section 25. Special provisions relating to fine:
(1) No fine exceeding one-tenth of the wages payable to a worker in respect of a wage-period may be imposed in any one wage-period on any worker.
(2) No fine shall be imposed on a worker who is under the age of fifteen years.
(3) No fine imposed on any worker shall be recovered from him by installments or after the expiry of sixty days from the day on which it was imposed.
(4) Every fine shall be deemed to have been imposed or the day of the commission of the offence in respect of which it was imposed.
(5) All fines and all realizations there of shall be recorded in a prescribed register to be kept by the employer and all such realizations shall be speeded only to such purposes beneficial to the workers employed in the establishment.

Law / 11 October 2006 / Bangladesh / Labour Act 2006

The Bangladesh Labour Act of 2006 combined and amended a number of laws relating to the employment of workers, minimum wages, compensation for work-related injuries, the formation of trade unions, health and safety, the welfare and working environment of employees, and other related issues. The Act also provides for compensation to workers for injuries sustained in the workplace. The Act applies to both permanent workers and workers employed through a contractor. Under the Act, a contractor who employs workers is treated as an employer and is liable for any violations of the provisions of the law.