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Coercive, unfair or deceptive recruitment Immigration status

Section 29 declares the right of migrant workers to return home if they wish to, and to receive appropriate assistance from the Bangladesh Foreign Service if detained or stranded overseas. Moreover, this section provides that if the migrant worker is in distress due to the negligence or unlawful activity of a recruitment agent, the recruitment agent will be liable for the costs of the repatriation of that worker.

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Section 29. Right to return home.

(1) A migrant worker, especially a worker detained or stranded, or otherwise is in situation of distress overseas, shall have the right to return to Bangladesh and to receive necessary assistance from the Bangladesh Mission in the concerned foreign country.

(2) If any sum of money is spent for repatriating a migrant worker, the money so spent may be recovered from that person.

(3) If a migrant worker in a situation of distress due to the negligence or illegal activity of a recruitment agent, the Government may direct the concerned recruitment agent to bear the costs of repatriation of that migrant worker.

(4) If a recruitment agent fails to pay the money ordered to be paid under the Subsection (3), the Government may recover the sum of money from the concerned recruitment agent in accordance with the provisions of the Public Demands Recovery Act, 1913 (Bengal Act No. III of 1913).

Law /Bangladesh / Overseas Employment and Migrants Act, 2013

The Overseas Employment and Migrants’ Act, 2013 (or “Migrants’ Act 2013”) is the first law on migration and overseas employment passed by the Parliament of Bangladesh. This law replaces the Emigration Ordinance, issued by the president in 1982. It has a dedicated chapter on regulation of recruitment.