Section 103


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Health and safety

The Secretary and his representatives have permission to enter any mine for inspections and investigations pursuant to this Act.

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Section 103. (a) Authorized representatives of the Secretary or the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare shall make frequent inspections and investigations in coal or other mines each year for the purpose of

(1) obtaining, utilizing, and disseminating information relating to health and safety conditions, the causes of accidents,  and the causes of diseases and physical impairments originating in such mines,

(2) gathering information with respect to mandatory health or safety standards,

(3) determining whether an imminent danger exists, and

(4) determining whether there is compliance with the mandatory health or safety standards or with any citation, order, or decision issued under this title or other requirements of this Act. In carrying out the requirements of this subsection, no advance notice of an inspection shall be provided to any person […] For the purpose of making any inspection or investigation under this Act, the Secretary […] shall have a right of entry to, upon, or through any coal or other mine.

Law / United States / Federal Mine Safety and Health Act, 1977

The Federal Mine Safety and Health Act provides for health and safety regulations in the field of coal and other mining industries.

Operators of mines are required to comply with a set of safety regulations promulgated by the Secretary of Labor as well as an interim set of safety standards contained in the Act. In order to ensure compliance, the Secretary and authorized representatives may carry out unannounced annual inspections and investigations. If a mine is found to be non-compliant, it will be issued a citation, have an opportunity to contest the violation, and penalized if it is found guilty of the violation.