Section 11



Criminal liability Human trafficking

This provision provides for extraterritorial jurisdiction for the offence of human trafficking, meaning that offences committed outside of Thailand may be prosecuted in Thailand.


Section 10 of the Criminal Code clarifies that an offender will not be prosecuted for an offence in Thailand if that person has already been prosecuted and either acquitted or punished for the offence in another country.

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Section 11. Whoever commits an offence mentioned in Section 6 outside the Kingdom shall be liable for the punishment stipulated in this Act in the Kingdom. The provision of Section 10 of the Penal Code shall apply mutatis mutandis.

Law /Thailand / Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act BE 2551 (2008)

The Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act criminalises human trafficking, prescribes penalties for individuals and juristic persons who commit human trafficking offences and provides a mechanism for victims to claim compensation and request assistance from Thai authorities.